Dress Code


Our students must be prepared to enter a competitive society therefore; Student dress code is an important part of the school’s program and philosophy.  In making the choice to attend West Preparatory Academy, the student (with parent support) agrees to follow all dress code requirements.  The dress code is not an option for the student. 

The principal, at his/her discretion, may have “dress-down” day when students and staff may dress down (in reasonable fashion).

  • The student dress code is as follows: 

  • Dress pants that are khaki (tan), black, or navy 

  • Shorts or skirts that are knee-length and khaki (tan), black or navy

  • West Preparatory Academy uniform shirts or solid polo shirt that is tucked in

  • Belts – if pants, shorts, or skirts were designed for belts, then belts should be worn

  • Dress shoe – No platform shoes, sandals, or open-toed shoes.  Students should bring tennis shoes for physical education.